Requiem For A Shitty Lawn Chair

As some of you know, I’m oddly fascinated by trash. (Some proof of my trashy ways right here: The Persistence of Trash) It’s just so out in the open here in NYC, and trash tells so many tales–who you are, how you live, what’s changed in your life. Yesterday, I passed by this folded lime green lawn chair, and got a little wistful:P1000462

These were the lawn chairs of my childhood. They were horrible. Your ass would sink through them, they stunk of plastic when the sun got too hot. They were rusty, ugly, burnt by the neighbor’s careless cigarette, sticky from spilled Kool Aid, and always collapsed under you at the wrong moment. Yet there I was, awash in nostalgia. So, I snapped this photo on the left. When I came back from running errands, I wondered if someone else had been swept up in nostalgia. Because I saw that they’d opened this hideous chair. Maybe even took it for a test ride under the blazing June sun, remembering a more innocent, less SPF-protected era. Here’s to you friend, whomever you are…



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