The Hopeless/Hopeful Chest

The wait is over! After a month of diligently checking my mailbox for the Chinese Nipples to arrive, my art project is done! Behold…The Hopeless/Hopeful Chest!


A while back, I bought a plastic torso off the street for 10 bucks. My friend Jesus sliced it open and added hinges to the back. Then I painted it silver, added the Chinese Nipple latches and on the inside…I plastered ALL of my rejection letters!


Rejections of short stories, articles, essays, my memoir and my novel. I added alphabet letters as a flourish. But you know what I realized? The rejections weren’t THAT bad. And some of these projects deserved to be rejected. I never used to understand why authors like Stephen King pasted their rejection letters on a wall but I get it now. The rejections are as important as the publications. They teach you how to be a better writer. That’s why this is The Hopeless/Hopeful Chest. It all depends on your mind set…


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