The Plastic Torso Project

torsoReason 1,573 that I love New York. Just got home and had this exchange with the doorman:

“Jesus, you remember that plastic torso I bought off the street for 10 bucks?”

“Yeah. You paid too much for it. I coulda got it for five.”

“I need him sawed in half. You know anyone who can help me?”

“Horizontal or vertical?”

“Horizontal. I want it to open like a trunk.”

“Whaddya mean like a trunk?”

“I’m gonna paint it silver and put stuff inside.”

“Like what?”

“I don’t know. Magazines. Golf balls. Lipstick.”

“You know you’re a very weird woman. But that’s okay. I gotta tool at home. Really sharp disc blade. I’ll be up at your apartment tomorrow at 6 to saw your man in half.”





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