Treasured Holiday Memory From Fox News


Yes, it’s the Yuletide season, when we share treasured memories of the past. Here’s one courtesy of Fox News…

Many years ago, I was waiting in NYC’s News Corp building for a friend who works at Fox News Channel. I was bored until I noticed the “Toys for Tots” donation area. Scanning all the toys, I discovered something curious. Amongst the board games, stuffed animals and other treats was a “Talking George W. Bush Doll”. If the fact that this doll offers up several of Dubya’s stupid catch phrases isn’t enough, he also comes complete with “Presidential Boots”. (Luckily for you, I took the above photo.)

I thought to myself, “Gee, what more could a needy child want?” Standing there in awe, I concluded one of four possibilities could explain this situation:

A. Despite Fox News rhetoric, some News Corp employee is waging their personal “War on Christmas”.

B. Some News Corp employee truly hates children, and is cruelly chuckling at the thought of a soon-to-be disillusioned child who asked Santa for teddy bear or a bicycle but instead finds a talking George W. Bush doll, complete with “Presidential Boots” under the tree.

C. Some News Corp employee misread the sign for “Toys for Tots” and thought it said, “Depository for Useless Gag Gifts”

D. Some News Corp employee is a big enough jackass to think a child might actually enjoy a talking George W. Bush doll, complete with “Presidential Boots”.


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