Mama D’s Arts Bordello: The Jazz Funeral

Mama D’s Arts Bordello was a debauched variety show that ran from 2006-2013 in NYC. We featured writers, musicians, comics, burlesque stars and short films. We started off in a tiny theater attached to Jimmy’s #43 in the East Village. Before the show launched, Jimmy himself walked up to me in a sausage-stained white t-shirt and said, “Two things tonight: Push the soup and no #2 in that bathroom. Good luck, kid.” And thus, a legend was born! On The Day of the Dead in 2013, I killed off Mama D on stage (Ziggy Stardust style) and we gave her a jazz funeral to send her off to the great Bordello in the sky. Here’s just a taste of the madness. If you enjoy this funeral, check out the Mama D’s Arts Bordello playlist on the Finnish Guru channel, where you can see other live and pre-produced videos from the 7 year run of the show.


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