Past Life Regression Session in NYC


Years ago a pal of mine gave me a Wyatt Earp belt buckle she bought on a business trip to Dodge City, Kansas. She thought it was hilarious. But I loved it and started wearing it all the time. It was so damn cool. Then one night after one too many gin and tonics (while wearing my prized Earp buckle) I wondered if perhaps I was Wyatt Earp in a previous life. A quick Google search told me that, “Earp lived a restless life. He was at different times in his life a city policeman, buffalo hunter, bouncer, saloon-keeper, gambler, brothel owner, pimp, miner, and boxing referee.” EarpBuckle

Well. That was it. I was convinced. I was definitely Wyatt Earp in a past life. He seemed like my kind of guy: a wanderer, an outlier, an unruly motherfucker. Still, I needed some hardcore evidence…which is where Past Life Regression Specialist Dr. Brian Weiss comes in. When I found out he’d be gracing NYC’s Javits Center on March 7th, I couldn’t sign up fast enough. Very glad I did.


First off, let me just say you haven’t really lived until you find yourself amongst 500 other people, lying on the floor of the Javits Center with the lights turned low, New Age music playing and a 70-year-old man rocking the mic with his soothing, gentle voice, mass-regressing the crowd. Maybe it’s because I associate the Javits Center with Comic Con and car shows, but I had to stifle obtrusive thoughts at first. When Dr. Weiss said he was about to play some music that he’d been playing for crowds since the ’90s, I expected to hear “U Can’t Touch This”. When he asked us to choose one of 6 doors, I wondered if one had a car or a trip to Vegas behind it.

So to be honest, it took a while for me to get into the right mind frame. But once I did, I began to see some images. With the aid of Dr. Weiss’s voice and the rhythmic snoring of the guy lying next to me, I looked through a door in my mind and saw myself in a red dress, with a red hat and red satin shoes. There were crowds of men laughing and smoking. A piano was playing. It was a brothel. And I was the owner. The next series of images showed me helping a woman give birth. She was one of the prostitutes, and she was terrified. At first we thought the baby was stillborn. He made no noise or movement. Then, all of a sudden the baby opened his mouth and let out a loud scream.

Now, look– I don’t know if this was a past life regression or just my mind offering up images. And I never did see Wyatt Earp. But I figure, no matter what, it’s interesting to analyze what your subconscious is trying to tell you right now. There’s always value in that. In a roomful of people trying to reach other planes of existence, other realms, the greatest lesson I learned is that it’s okay to be practical about these experiences. I suspect Dr. Weiss would agree.

After one exercise we did, which involved holding an item from your partner and meditating on it to see what images come into your mind, one woman stood up and said, “While we were meditating, two sapphires popped off my ring. That’s how powerful the energy was.” Not missing a beat Dr. Weiss said, “Wow. Did you find the sapphires? Listen, I’m a very practical person.”

He’s my kind of guy too.


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