BEAVER HELMET: The Official Logo

Beaverhelmet Logo copy
I’m proud to announce that we’re in the planning stages of an arts collective called BEAVER HELMET. I’m writing the title in all caps because we are anti-twee. You can keep your subtle pleasures and whimsical details. This will be a big, bold, loud, bombastic motherfucking website where you will be able to showcase your stories, photos, short films, art, articles, rants and criticism. This is an arts collective with bite. We’re bringing back the notion of the critic as artist, not “hater” or “bully”. And of course once we get off the ground, we will do BEAVER HELMET live shows too. Artists thrive off of the energy you can only experience with a live show. Beyond that, one of my favorite things about doing our live show, Mama D’s Arts Bordello, was the community we created. So watch this space for more info about submitting your work and becoming a part of our community.

Now, we’re not anywhere near a launch date yet. We’re working on it. What we do have is this unbelievably cool logo created by Mike Ser. BEAVER HELMET shall rise!


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