Sharing Miss Piggy’s Wardrobe

I’ve always known that Miss Piggy was a big influence on my life: her bitchery, her sass, her nasty sense of humor and above all, her absurdly glamorous clothes.
But I made a rather shocking discovery at my local supermarket.
Because truthfully, I’m not sure whether I should be delighted or disturbed that I own the exact same leopard print beret as my glam childhood icon:Cheerio Split Screen


4 thoughts on “Sharing Miss Piggy’s Wardrobe

    1. Good to know! I was always very envious of Miss Piggy’s life when I was a kid. She starred on the stage, had cute boyfriend, wore satin gloves and loads of sparkly rhinestones. What’s not to love?

      1. When he was a little boy, my oldest brother told my mom that she looked like Miss Piggy. It was the highest compliment a child his age could possibly give, yet my mom didn’t get it and was offended. Grown ups just don’t understand sometimes.

  1. That’s a wonderful observation. I remember when my dad’s best friend got remarried. I was about 7-years-old. His new wife was young and pretty and wore way too much make up and glittery clothes and jewels. I was mesmerized. I saw her and exclaimed, “Ohhh! You look like a Christmas tree.” I meant it as a great compliment–after all, we all admire the Christmas tree. It was the loveliest, most glamorous thing I could think of. Yet for some reason, all the adults giggled. But I don’t care. I still think it’s a fantastic compliment.

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