Rudolph: A 21st Century Tale of Bullying

The classic bullying tale of “Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer” needs a social media update.
I’m happy to oblige. So here it is, revamped for your reading pleasure.
Merry Christmas!

1. All of the other reindeer have Tumblr accounts devoted to unflattering photos of Rudolf. Most popular one:

2. Trending on Twitter: #ReasonsRudolfSux

3. Rudolph is excluded not just from reindeer games, but group reindeer selfies too

4. Mean comments on Facebook like, “OMG! U R such a freak!” and “Nice nose, asshole! LOL!”

5. Multiple GIFs and vines of the other reindeer laughing at Rudolf and calling him names

6. New game app: Hose the Nose!

7. All of the other reindeer circulate mean Rudolph memes to each other at work

8. One foggy Christmas Eve, Santa texts Rudolph: “Rud w/yr nose so brite, guide sleigh pls? Thx.”

9. Rudolf makes Youtube video after his triumphant night with Santa, peering into his laptop and sneering, “In yer face, fuckers! I saved Christmas so you can all suck my dick!”

10. Santa makes all of his reindeer take a Workplace Sensitivity class.


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