Haunted Hanukkah

Haunted Hanukkah
I shot this photo yesterday. Keep that in mind. This was shot on December 6th. Now, this window display is from a liquor store in my neighborhood. (No, it’s not my liquor store, the one where I’m known on a first name basis, where I walk in and the owner instinctively grabs the Bombay Sapphire and brings it to the register.) But it’s in the general vicinity.

I had to laugh at their holiday spirit. So, I guess what happened here was that they went all out for Halloween. These people must have been incredibly proud of their artistic window efforts, and couldn’t bear to take down the skulls, ghosts and fake blood. Thanksgiving came, but they did not want to add a turkey to this spooky brew. But luckily for them, Hanukkah coincided with Thanksgiving. So they just added a menorah to their bloody, skull-filled display and are riding this festive fanfare though December.

Well played.

I’ll keep you updated if they add a snowman to the mix.


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