Quarry Headed To Points Unknown

I stalked my photographic quarry the other day.
It was a lovely autumnal day.
But I did not get her. At least not properly. This was all I got:
This extraordinary woman was wandering around a shitty street fair in my NYC neighborhood.
There were sad looking sweaters, tacky jewelry, horrid food…and this goddess.
I tried to capture her full, fashionable glory: sparkly glasses, tulle skirt, lipstick, strut, earrings.
I ran, I lurked, I squatted in unflattering positions with my camera.
But nay. I never got the perfect shot.
She was even sitting down to eat a gyro or some shit, unawares, and I STILL didn’t capture her.
I was so desperate that I followed her into Grand Central, hoping I’d get the courage to ask for a photo.
I never did.
Instead, I got this blurry vision of my quarry headed to points unknown…


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