No Gusto, Please

Sales guru Dale Carnegie once said, “Let the winds of enthusiasm sweep through you! Live today with gusto!”
In fact, plenty of people stress the importance of doing things “with gusto.” And they do it with gusto.
Gusto is almost a religion: It’s the driving force of self-help seminars, business conventions and most Robin Williams movies.
Italians lure tourists to their beautiful country by offering more gusto per square mile than anywhere else.
But I don’t think that everything should be done with gusto.
Certain activities are not to be approached with zest and wild-eyed abandon.

Here’s a short list of things that should NOT be done with gusto:

1. Pap smears

2. Dusting small ceramic figurine collections

3. Embalming dead bodies

4. Circumcision

5. Post-funeral reading of a will

6. Clipping nose hair

7. Root canals

8. Helping frail little old ladies cross the street

9. Extinguishing the candles at church

10. Trimming bonsai trees


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