DIY Home Projects: NYC Style

I was just going through all the photos I have saved on my computer when I came across multiples of this:
What’s that, you ask? And why the hell would it be worthy of one photo, let alone multiples?
Why, that’s home renovation, NYC style.
Yes, while people in other cities and towns (who actually live in normal-sized abodes) convert their basements into a spacious oasis or add a sun room off of the kitchen, we crazy bastards here in NYC get excited about converting a closet into a writing space by ripping off the doors and wallpapering the interior. And then we send photos of our hard work to our friends, hoping they will marvel at our ingenuity and exclaim things like:

“How creative! Call HGTV! What a great use of space! You’ve transformed that 15 feet into an extra room!”

It’s tragic, really.


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