Gone Writin’

Just checking in to put up a writer’s version of a Gone Fishin’sign:


I didn’t want you to worry about me, because I won’t be hanging around here much for a while. I am completing the final draft of a novel that his been nagging at me for far too long. At first I thought I could maintain this blog too. After all, I’m not exactly solving the world’s problems here. I mostly talk about weird people in my neighborhood, crazy news stories and pubic hair.

But I realized that it still adds noise to my already cluttered brain, and I just really need to focus on one thing. That’s hard to do these days, isn’t it? We’re all tugged in a million different directions; pummeled by excess information, social media and demands on our time. Then we wonder why fewer and fewer people attempt to write The Great American Novel.

Well, I’m not claiming to be talented enough to write The Great American Novel. But I want to concentrate and put what limited talent I do have into something meaningful. At least I’m going to try.

See you when I’m done. We’ll raise a toast together…


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