7 New Charlie Brown TV Specials

Not sure how many of you read this, but the voice of Charlie Brown, Peter Robbins, was arrested for stalking and threatening his girlfriend and a plastic surgeon who gave her a boob job he didn’t particularly like.
The funny thing is, the guy actually looks like Charlie Brown. Also, a girlfriend getting an unwanted boob job is totally something that would happen to Charlie Brown. It’s like if The Little Red Haired Girl dyed her hair brown.
I mean, this story is just perfect. You can almost hear him wailing, “AAAUGH!” Or maybe just a quiet *sigh*
So, I couldn’t help but come up with possible names for a TV Special commemorating this moment in Charlie Brown’s life.
I came up with this list:

1. It’s The Great Boob Job Charlie Brown!

2. A Charlie Brown Breast Augmentation

3. They’re My Tits, You Blockhead!

4. A Boob Job? Five Cents, Please

5. Good Grief Your Tits Are Like Beachballs!

6. They’re Good Cans, Charlie Brown

7. A Boob Job? Rats!


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