Love Thy Neighbor

Those of you who’ve known me for a while know that I lived next to a very…uh…unusual neighbor for many years. (If I never told you the stories, let’s just say you missed out. Buy me a gin and tonic and I’ll fill you in.) I’ve moved across the street and it appears my lot in life hasn’t changed much. I’m sharing this NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH note that my new neighbor posted on her door. If you’re having trouble reading it, here’s the gist: 1. Certain tenants deny the existence of a child and the doorman is in on this deception 2. That child has been throwing tantrums for 13 years 3. People are repeatedly entering her apartment without her consent. But best of all: This note is written on “Center for Christian Studies” notepaper. And really, with Easter coming up, what better way to advertise that you walk with Christ than by writing an incredibly nasty, paranoid note on “Center for Christian Studies” notepaper?


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