New York City Dogs

New Yorkers who ordinarily wouldn’t talk to each other become fast friends if there’s a dog around to introduce them. It’s a very unique canine skill. So, I took my trusty camera out with me and snapped some photos of a few cool city dogs I saw as I ran some errands:

This is Pepe. He guards his owner’s newspaper kiosk in the Diamond District. But only during the warm months. As soon as the weather turns chilly, Pepe hibernates. “Pepe don’t like the cold,” his owner told me with a shake of his head.

And they say no one uses pay phones anymore:

This dashing fellow rides through NYC in style. No cramped, smelly subway for him.

I hung out with this scrappy chappie while his owner was in the supermarket on 2nd ave. He was getting a little impatient, and I couldn’t blame him.

While in Bloomingdale’s shoe department, I looked up from the gorgeous pair of heels I was admiring to find this cutie staring at me. Her owner was surrounded by a huge mound of shoes, and I got the feeling that this little dog is a shoe store warrior.


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