Self-Made New Yorker

I took this photo yesterday. This scraggly little bush lives outside my apartment building, in a square plot of dirt usually reserved for more noble, impressive looking trees. But the tree that was originally there died and was cut down. Then this scrappy little bush popped up, off center and unwanted.

Now every day when I pass it, I smile. This funny looking bush lives in one of the most glamorous cities in the world. No one planted it there. No one takes care of it. No one waters it or even notices it much. It battles cigarette butts and dog piss. Yet this fearless bush has carved out its own little patch of New York through strong will and determination.

Of course I know this bush’s days are numbered. Because one morning, someone important enough will decide action must be taken. Then phone calls will be placed. It will be ripped out in order to plant another big, expensive tree there and this self-made greenery’s reign will be over.

But here on my lowly little blog, this scraggly little New York bush will always have legendary status.


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