Autumnal Anticipation: The Soundtrack

While everyone else is out soaking up the last days of summer’s carefree sunshine, this is the time of year I wander around in highly air conditioned department stores, caressing angora sweaters, sniffing leather gloves, fondling cashmere scarves and dreaming of cool, beautiful, crisp autumnal weather. With each sullen slap of my worn out sandals on the pavement, I pretend I’m wearing pair of knee-high leather boots, the high heels making that confident, purposeful “clack clack” noise as I stride off to new adventures (and maybe crunch through some orange and brown leaves.)

I absolutely hate August.

Nasty month. It’s a hellish limbo.

No new projects are begun since everyone is on vacation. Or, if they’re not on vacation, they’re in that mind set. People are lazy, oddly listless and on hiatus. So more than anything it’s the sheer, stagnant boredom of August that annoys me. Every sweaty, mindless day bleeds into the next, with nothing interesting to show for it. Everything is on hold until September. Then the world perks up again, because even though the leaves are dying, it signals the return of a renewed, vibrant energy and curiosity. Drugstores display notebooks and pencils because it’s time to get back to school, pull your shit together and immerse yourself in new ideas. Fall is when the best books, films and plays debut. Fabulous new Fall fashion icons strut down runways and sidewalks. Hell, I even like football (although I never watch it.) Because at least it’s usually Fall when I look up at a bar and see part of a random football game by accident.

So, in anticipation of my very favorite season, I have compiled an Autumnal Sounds Playlist.

Some of these songs have autumnal themes, some have a return to school sound, some sound like the dying embers of summer.
And, if you have any others you think I should add, lay ’em on me!

1. Autumn Almanac-The Kinks

2. We’re Going To Be Friends-The White Stripes

3. Seeing Other People-Belle and Sebastian

4. November Spawned A Monster-Morrissey

5. September in the Rain-Dinah Washington

6. Peanuts Thanksgiving Theme-The Vince Guaraldi Trio

7. Let’s Burn Down The Cornfield-Etta James

8. Down By The Sea-Men At Work

9. The Reputed Immortals-Of Montreal

10. I Believe (When I Fall In Love)-Stevie Wonder

11. September Gurls-Big Star

12. The Beast and Dragon, Adored-Spoon

13. Hyacinth House-The Doors

14. The Only Living Boy In New York-Simon and Garfunkle

15. The Witches’ Song-Marianne Faithfull


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