An Afternoon in Union Square

Lately I’ve been getting bolder about snapping street photos of strangers. I used to see interesting and beautiful people and imagine how I’d capture them in a photo, but never got my camera out for fear they’d get mad at me. Or I’d take a photo on the run like I was shoplifting the image. But now I figure, people already have their photos taken by security cameras, traffic cameras and cellphones on a minute-by-minute basis. So why the hell shouldn’t I take a few too?


3 thoughts on “An Afternoon in Union Square

  1. Hey! Just found this. Read a few already, and of course it captivates me. Love the stranger photos. Did I know you lived on whidbey island? My husband went to high school there. šŸ™‚

    1. Hi Hope! Glad to have you here! I didn’t know you actually lived on Whidbey. I lived on the south end in Langley. At the time I was a bitchy teen, but now I feel lucky to have lived on such a beautiful island.

      1. I never lived there, my husband did. Isn’t that strange? I still remember going to Campbell’s apt. What a great place! šŸ™‚ I’m so glad to have found this! They block it at work though, which is too bad.

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