NYC Graffiti on the Move

With NYC real estate at a premium and grittier neighborhoods becoming gentrified, it’s hard to find cool graffiti anymore.
Artists are disappearing due to high rents and disproportionate salaries and that famous “New York edge” is beginning to feel suspiciously like a butter knife.
But no matter what: real New Yorkers always find an outlet for creative expression.
Which is why I particularly love that lately I’ve seen more and more of what I like to call Mobile Street Art. So I’ve been snapping photos of these graffiti-covered trucks.
Some of them have clearly been done with great care and precision, without the threat of anyone catching the artists in the act…

…and some may have been done on the sly, possibly under the shield of darkness…

The best part about Mobile Street Art is that even boring financial/business districts with no creative edge whatsoever can enjoy this cool graffiti as it rides past, en route to places unknown. And considering how most of NYC seems to be marching towards a path of business-friendly uniformity, I’ll take what I can get…


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