Judy Blume Slumber Party

UPDATE: Our show date has changed to NOVEMBER 9th! Hope to see you then!

“We must, we must, we must increase our bust.”
-Judy Blume from Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret

Just giving you a head’s up! On Friday, Nov. 9th, the crazy Mama D’s Arts Bordello crew will be hosting our “Judy Blume Slumber Party”!

In honor of author Judy Blume, whose wonderful books helped so many of us through pubescent horrors and confusing adolescent drama,
we’ll gather together at Parkside Lounge to tell funny puberty stories about pimples, unwanted boners, boobs that didn’t grow fast enough, boobs that grew too fast, periods, wet dreams, parents who didn’t get it, parents who tried to get it and were so embarrassing.

Plus: there will be live music and tasty “Superfudge” for everyone to enjoy.

Even better news: we’re still looking for some good storytellers to showcase on our stage. So if you’re courageous enough (and live in New York City) please contact me. Be prepared though…all storytellers have to submit a photo for our Puberty Blues Photo Montage. Including me. Here I am in Hawaii at age 12, still waiting for boobs…


2 thoughts on “Judy Blume Slumber Party

  1. If I lived in the area I would so be there-she helped me thru a lot of dark times and I think I had my first orgasm with her books

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