The Reptile Expo: Warm Hearts for Cold Blood

On July 8th, I attended a Reptile Expo in White Plains, NY. What a fantastic scene! What I loved the most was that the people in attendance truly loved creatures that many people fear.
And while I did see very a normal, suburban looking woman wearing a shirt that said, “Yes, I’m A Mom…But All Of My Children Have Scales” most of the people were bikers, goth kids, rebels and cool outsiders.
There was a different kind of normalcy at the Reptile Expo. Here, you might find a lizard on your Nathan’s hotdog…

And the deli serves frozen rodent specials…
And containers that you’re used to seeing filled with pudding, potato salad or fruit at your local deli are actually filled with snakes…

But the best part about the Reptile Expo is that family bonding took on a whole new meaning…


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