Taking a Cliché to Heart

I’ve been going through a bit of a tough time lately.
Not that anything horrific or earth-shattering has happened to me. Far from it. It’s just that…well, nothing has really happened to me lately.
No triumphs, no tragedies.
Which really shouldn’t be a problem. After all, we’ve all heard the Chinese curse, “May you live in interesting times.”
But for some reason, this depresses me more than anything else.
Just rambling along, going through the motions, not feeling anything in particular.

Which is why I really appreciated this little flower when it bloomed on Sunday:

Yes, I took a cliche to heart. I stopped and smelled the roses…
My mom sent me a package of seeds in January that she got for free from her local bank, of all places. For those of you who don’t know, she loves sending me weird “care packages” filled with crap: shampoo samples, dollar store candy, my horoscope that she clipped out of the paper, six solar-powered hula dancers. You get the idea.

Anyway, this package of seeds was in one of these care packages. When the weather was warm enough, I thought, “What the hell? Why not see what happens?”
So, I just carelessly threw these seeds in a couple of pots on my patio, which is in the middle of dirty, smelly, crazy NYC.
I honestly didn’t believe anything was going to happen.

But when they started to sprout two months ago, I was amazed.
And still, I couldn’t imagine I’d ever see a flower.

So when I woke up and saw this little flower on Sunday, it really did feel like a miracle.
I know it’s perfectly natural and normal for flowers to grow from seeds, yet it still felt like a miracle.

And frankly, it was just what I needed to pull myself through my depression and appreciate all the good things I have.

Yeah, I know.
It’s a little trite.
Maybe a little too sweet.
But I’ll take happiness wherever I can get it these days.


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