Stephen King’s Discarded Novel

UPDATE: If you’d like to read this story, please click this link:

Just letting you in on a fun, upcoming literary event I’m hosting:

Great news for all you Stephen King fans! On Monday, June 18th at New York’s famed literary institution, KGB Bar, four writers will be presenting Stephen King’s Discarded Novel. Yes, it’s the novel that was so bad that he threw it in a dumpster behind a run-down McDonald’s in Bangor, Maine. But Saara Dutton, Daniel Guzman, Michael Maiello and Peter Olson fished it out, wiped off the Big Mac grease, put the pages in order and are proud to offer it up to you.
Plus: You can enter our Trivia Contest where you can win “Things We Found In Carrie White’s High School Locker”

Stay tuned for more details…

DATE: June 18th
TIME: 7pm
PLACE: KGB Bar 85 4th Street NYC 10003


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