Moving and Storing Time

Every so often, I see this “TIME MOVING AND STORAGE” truck zooming around my East Side neighborhood. I had to snap a photo, because it struck me that the ability to both move and store time would be incredibly cool.

Now, I’ve thought about storing time before. Especially when someone talks about “Time Saving Tips”. These tips usually involve making gruesome food in the microwave or knocking out numbers 1-3 on your To Do list while on the treadmill.

But I always wonder–does anyone ever use the time they’ve saved? Does anyone ever say, “Wow. Look at these blocks, these piles and stacks of saved time. Now I can finally take that trip to Bermuda!”

And what if you’ve choked down a cup of nasty instant coffee just to save time, only to get trapped in a long line at Macy’s? Saved time wasted, plus shitty coffee consumed.

The point is, each time I see this truck, I think about all the advantages to moving and storing time. I came up with this list:

1. Let’s say a friend cancelled on you for cocktails, and consequently you spend the evening watching mind-numbing TV and picking your toes. Well, it would be better if you could just store that time you would have spent with your friend. That way if you have future scheduling conflicts, you could just head to Time Storage and pull out that block of time. Scheduling conflict resolved.

2. If you were having a really great wedding reception or vacation in Paris and didn’t want it to end, you could move time from the next week and extend the festivities.  You’d just have to make sure that the time you moved was from a boring week that you wouldn’t mind being shorter than the others.

3. Storing time could also mean preserving it. Then you could experience certain chunks of time again. Shrink-wrapped time. On a random, cold dark winter night, I wish I could just head to my Time Storage unit and pull out “New Orleans, mid-90s”. Then I’d head off to the French Quarter on a balmy April night lit by gas lamps, the sounds of Zydeco and drunken tourists filling the air. Early morning would find me at Cafe Du Monde, watching the sun rise while drinking chicory coffee and eating a fluffy beignet…


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