The Museum of Forgotten Art

Years ago I had a piece published in the New York Times about a charming Super named Ana Rambaldi who lives in the West Village: IN THE LAND OF DISCARDED DECOR.

Ana has created a unique museum in the laundry room of her building. All the pieces in this museum were left behind from tenants who had moved on and didn’t see room in their new lives for these objects d’art. As you can see from the NY Times link, Ana also collects heart-shaped items, which decorate her entire apartment. Seeing as the piece ran in the paper around Valentine’s Day, I can appreciate why the Times chose to show photos of her heart collection rather than the laundry room museum.

Fortunately, I took my own photos before submitting the piece. I stumbled over them yesterday, so I’d like to give this Museum of Forgotten Art it’s due respect here. Feast your eyes on a museum unlike any other…


2 thoughts on “The Museum of Forgotten Art

  1. The tree farting zebras is my favorite. I’d love to hear she found a Picasso and moved to the South of France. Wouldn’t that be a hoot or as the say in the West Village, a crocheted owl delicately perched on a branch.

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