Drag Queen Revealed As Tomboy

A family friend from Washington State just sent me a few childhood pictures that she’d scanned and printed out.
I’d like to think that she read this story: THE AUTHENTIC POSE
But odds are, she recently got a new computer and was bored one afternoon.
Either way, I was happy to get them.

The photo above is part of the collection she sent, and it really made me smile.

Ever since I was a teenager, I’ve loved velvet, satin bedroom slippers with marabou trim, sequins, rhinestones and red lipstick.
But I suspect I am essentially a drag queen, and the husky, funny looking tomboy in the photo above is the real me.
Maybe I just need all those frilly accoutrements to distance myself from that weird little kid. I was not a girly girl with pink bows and patent leather Mary Jane shoes. I didn’t feel like a little girl. In fact, I was constantly asked, “Are you a boy or a girl?”

And since I still don’t feel particularly womanly, I express my feminine side in a very artificial way.

I’m no Earth Mama.
I’m Mama D.

But looking at this photo, I realize there is no Mama D without this confident little tomboy.
It’s high time I celebrated her.


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