Manhattan Hay Ride

Another addition to my “New York Garbage” series.
I took this photo last night in Union Square. A bale of hay in NYC. So festive for the fall season.
When I look at this decorative bale of hay perched atop this dune of trash, I can almost smell the autumnal fires and hear the crunching of leaves underfoot.

It reminds me of my one glorious semester at NYU. (It was only one semester because I could not afford more than that. Took me years to pay off the loan I got just to pay for that one semester. Was it worth it? Hell yes. How else would I have known that New York was destined to be my home?)

Anyway, the RA gave us all forms with different activities that we could select, to get an idea of what interested us.
But it was obvious that this was a generic form used by colleges and universities across the country.
Because in addition to activities such as “bowling” and “movie night” there was “hayride.”

Naturally, being the snide little assholes we were, everyone selected “hayride.”
How could we not?
We imagined ourselves rolling down 5th avenue in the flatbed of a truck, drinking spiced cider on bales of hay, flipping off tourists. Maybe we’d have a roll in the hay. Maybe we’d chew on a piece of hay. We’d be a bunch of hayseeds in Manhattan…

We never got our hayride.


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