Unsung NYC Landmark: The Studio 54 Fire Hydrant

Sure we all know about The Statue of Liberty, The Empire State Building, The Brooklyn Bridge.

But the above photo is a New York landmark worthy of respect.
This is the very fire hydrant outside of Studio 54 that the capricious doorman stood on as he decided who was going to be allowed into its mythic environs. This famous nightclub’s infuriating and often cruel door policy inspired Le Chic’s disco anthem, “Freak Out” which was originally “Fuck You” after they’d been denied access.

Studio 54’s doorman stood on this fire hydrant and either humiliated or exalted hopeful groovers. As Disco Historians know (now there’s a History Club I’d love to see. Instead of tweed jackets, horn rimmed glasses and glasses of brandy, they’d have white polyester suits, copious amounts of chest hair, Paco Rabanne cologne, and vials of cocaine) this lowly fire hydrant helped usher in the “velvet rope” era of club culture.
Thus, it plays an important part in New York History.

Here’s to you, Studio 54 Fire Hydrant.

Not sure how many fires you helped put out, but you did fan the flames of the Disco Inferno. While this building is still called Studio 54, it is no longer what it once was. It currently hosts Roundabout Theatre productions, and any fat assed tourist can waddle past that fire hydrant to see the tired musicals within. But there was a time when only the beautiful or bizarre could enter this dreamworld:


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